How To

How To Set it up 

Please Follow this steps to setup Instafeed.


Download and Installation

To Download the extension, click on Get Extension Button from the website menu/navbar, and install it by importing it through mobirise extension import.



After the importation and installation of the extension, Mobirise will reload to include the install Instafeed. Open the block tab and look for tab name Instafeed and click on it, and you will be navigated to the Instafeed block which is one in number, sample image is shown below. Drag and drop the Instafeed block to your page, .



Attribute Type Default Description
username Required String instagram Instagram username from where to retrieve the feed.
Show profile Boolean true Enables displaying the profile
Biography Boolean true Enables displaying the biography.
Show gallery Boolean true Enables displaying the gallery
Captions Boolean true Enables displaying captions for each post as overlay on hover
Show igtv Boolean false Enables displaying the IGTV feed if available.
No of items number [Int] 8 Number of items to display. Up to 12
Items per row number [Int] 4 Number of items that will be displayed for each row
lazy load Boolean true Enable lazy load of images using native web attribute loading="lazy" on img elements
Item margin number [Float] 0.2 Margin (percentage) between items in gallery
Cache time number [Int] 120 Instagram response cache expiry time in minutes
on_error function(error_description, error_code) console.error

Function that will be triggered when an error ocurs. Error codes:

1: No username defined

2: No container nor callback defined

3: Profile is age restricted

4: Network banned

5: Request error


How To


Instafeed is a 3rd party extension developed by Mr Singa4real, to serve as a helping hand to the default mobirise instagram feed extension, Note: this extension is not a direct replacement to the offical mobirise instagram feed extension, but here to compliment it functions.

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